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Innovative Nutrition Advisory Services & Insights

Christina’s vision is to work with you and make your business work for the best results. She can create and implement useful and innovative ideas that reflect your business needs, develop novel food products that target specific health benefits, satisfying the consumer beyond the sensory experience and help your business advance in the future of food. Her years of experience, expertise and incessant scientific research and exploration will provide you with essential insights and life facts which lead to important messages that make a difference to the consumers and create a strong connection with them. You can work with an important partner for your business and really empower it. Whether you need an up-to-date strategic plan, a fresh food product design, an inspiring speech, a vibrant event, a unique seminar and much more, simply contact Christina.

“I love working with partners who share my vision and values. This always leads to creative collaborations”.

Commercial Nutrition Communication Consultation

Creation and Customization/ Food Product Development  

Christina has a reputation as an innovative thought leader who delivers fresh takes on sound science. Moreover, she is an expert in translating scientific research into marketable communication for the commercial success of a new product. Her method is always focused on including the unique nutritional competitive advantage, as well as the development of a meal or food products that satisfy the consumers’ needs and desires, beyond the classical sensory experience.

Services include:

  • Novel food product development and customization

  • Go-to-market strategy development for new products

  • Development of product communication based on effective science-based health benefits and nutritional value

  • Translating existing science into appealing and valid claims for consumers

  • Training Marketing, Communication and Sales teams on nutritional characteristics critical to the successful sale of the product

  • Advise on relevant EU legislation which could differentiate your product

  • Customized menu development

Nutrition Expertise, Event Participation & Speaking  

Throughout Christina’s twenty year in clinical and private-practice, she has been known for her science-based insights and approach, as well as her inspired and fresh speaking style. By combining this with her deep understanding of international food and nutritional trends and market demands, she is able to communicate to an array of audiences, both in Greece and internationally. Her out-of-the-box ideas and innovative thinking in the field of nutrition makes her a sought after speaker for public conferences, seminars, and events.

Services include:

√  Speaking at corporate events focused on wellbeing and health

√  Speaking at schools, colleges and universities

√  Speaking in seminars, conferences and public event participations

√  Media (interviews, publications, presentations, etc.)

Christina’s keynote and breakout topics include:

√  Sports Supplements: Which? When? How? Translating the evidence!

√  Mood and Sleep Enhancement in the most natural way

√  Paediatric Nutrition: Nutritious and tasteful breakfasts and snacks to enhance your child’s good health and cognition.

√  Dietary Supplements, Drugs, Herbs and Memory: Potential to increase memory capabilities in the ageing population n

√  Pregnancy and Postnatal Nutritional Care

√  Antiaging and Nutrition

√  Osteoporosis and Nutrition: Nutrient needs, effectiveness of conventional medicines and interactions

"I am honored to have participated in the Childhood Obesity Awareness Campaign “Lift the weight off the children”, which was specifically targeted to children and teens. It was the second phase of the campaign “Life has color” of the Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity (March 2008)"

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"Teamwork always takes you further
I truly believe in the collaborative value of partnerships. Good partnerships with your doctor, like-minded healthcare professionals and industry experts as needed enables me to bring additional value to my clients, to empower them and achieve the best results for my client’s nutrition, health and wellness goals”