“We are what we eat. And we can be great”

Christina believes strongly in these words and lives by them. The core of her philosophy is that good food and good nutrition, meaning diet quality, has a major impact on our physical, cognitive and mental health, on our performance in all aspects, on beauty, on our energy, and on our general well-being throughout life. It’s a fact that some people may know what to eat and what is healthy eating, but incorporating this into a busy and stressful lifestyle is challenging or alas, they believe that healthy eating means sacrificing the pleasure of taste or pleasure overall. She focuses on the basic notion that enjoying food and the whole eating experience is paramount. Food choice is something personal, influenced by external impulses linked to tradition and culture, and by each personally-built database of food-related smells, tastes etc.

For these precise reasons, she will work closely with you and offer you nutrition advisory services tailored to your specific needs, desires and nutritional/ health goals. The fundamental part is the building of a personalized diet, which is constantly updated in line with state-of-art knowledge in nutrition science in order to assist you in leading a healthier, more vibrant life that suits your tastes and provides pleasure and convenience.

Personalized integrated nutrition care and support.

Empowering you to live a better life. Physically and mentally

Christina’s mission is to share insights she has gained during 2 decades of work experience and to offer up-to-date evidence-based, individualized nutrition services, Essentially, she can empower you by providing you with the valid knowledge and skills you need to acquire in order to make lifestyle advancements and changes for more mindful eating and living and to achieve and maintain your nutrition, health and wellness goals through food and nutrition.
Good food is the source of nutrients for our body to have nutritional health and it can provide amazing health benefits.
Moreover, Christina collaborates with a variety of external partners- when required- to ensure a holistic approach and achieve the most successful outcome for your wellbeing. This is because her center of focus is YOU!

Nutrition Care, Advisory and Support Services include:

Weight Control:  

Specialized evaluation, personalized care, successful management. A tailor- made approach to tackle weight issues (obesity, bariatric surgery and underweight). Christina empowers you with the tools and support you need to reach and stay at your optimal weight.

Infant and Pediatric Nutrition:

The right nutrition and support for your child to be able to attain his/ her full growth and developmental potential. Early childhood forms the foundation for your child’s future physical and mental health and subsequent achievement and maintenance of optimal psychological functioning and wellbeing, immunologic protection, and a broad range of abilities and learning capacities. Sound and appropriate nutrition plays a fundamental role in all of this; moreover, it has the power to set the foundation for lifelong healthy eating and exercise habits and behaviors. Parental involvement is a key component of children’s nutrition. A proud parent to a young child herself, Christina is fiercely passionate about helping families find simple, sound strategies to make better food, within better reach.

Nutrition for Teens:

Adolescence is a time of a biologic, physical, emotional, and cognitive transition. With these changes come new nutritional challenges related to increased independence, increased nutrient needs, peer pressure, and changing food preferences. Nutrition concerns, dieting and unhealthy weight control behaviors are common and are associated with a paradoxical excess weight gain over time or slowed growth, as well as risk of essential nutrient deficiencies. Nutritional counseling is focus to empowering adolescents to take control of their own health and well-being, discouraging unhealthy weight control behaviors and empowering them with the tools and support they need to achieve and maintain optimal weight, growth and development, performance and health.

Sports Nutrition for Athletes and People involved in Intense Muscular Effort:

Success in sport is multifactorial. Genetics and training are important but nutrition also contributes to success. Proper nutrition and hydration can positively affect sports training and performance. Despite the abundance of nutritional supplements and ergogenic aids, food is the optimal fuel for exercise and the optimal body composition is a key component of performance. Christina provides individualized and personalized, evidence-based sport nutrition strategies for the enhancement of fitness and optimal training and performance goals, along with guidance on proper and improper use of supplements.

Pregnancy and Postnatal Care:

Beginning before conception and extending throughout pregnancy and after delivery, whether breastfeeding of bottle feeding, Christina works with expecting mothers to provide special nutrition services during the pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and post-childbirth periods. Nutrition and certain dietary factors can enhance fertility. Achievement of specific weight gain goals and good quality, adequate nutrition are among the most important factors contributing to optimal fetal growth and pregnancy outcomes. The postpartum period is a time of dramatic emotional and physical change for the new mother, and whether breastfeeding or bottle feeding, it is encouraged for new mothers to take good care themselves. Postnatal nutrition service helps new mothers take control of their weight after delivery (returning to their pre-pregnancy weight), replenish nutrient stores, achieve adequate nutrient intake in case of breastfeeding, and focus on how to work healthful eating into their new lifestyle.

Wellness, Good Mood, Stress Reduction, Sleep Health, Brain Fitness:

Nutritional regimen designed by cutting-edge nutrition science to give your body and mind what it needs to thrive. Experience the power of food and diet as medicine for stress reduction, improved mood, improved sleep health, high levels of energy and optimization of brain fitness. Solve your confusion about myths, such as “super foods” and similar topics. Discover how they apply to you and take steps to a healthier, more vibrant you!

Healthy and Active Ageing: 

Our body changes with age, so does nutritional needs. Christina will give you the latest knowledge in nutrition science to take better care of your health and wellbeing. She will offer education and counseling to increase your energy and stay as youthful as possible in mind and body! Look and be the best you can

Body Composition & Nutritional Status Assessment:

Body fat assessment and identification of personal bodily nutritional requirements. Maintaining body cell mass and fat mass in healthy normal ranges and consuming an appropriate and balanced diet that contains adequate amounts of nutrients, in relation to bodily requirements, are essential for health and wellness.

Eating Plan Development:

Fix and optimized the diet you want, according to your tastes and life choices (i.e. vegan diet, “gluten-free” diet, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory diet, etc.)

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"Teamwork always takes you further.
I truly believe in the collaborative value of partnerships. Good partnerships with your doctor, like-minded healthcare professionals and industry experts as needed enables me to bring additional value to my clients, to empower them and achieve the best results for my client’s nutrition, health and wellness goals”