“Wellbeing is a state of mind… on all levels”

Well, for Christina every aspect of life has to do with food, because it is the fuel for our bodies and souls. Even brain function is supported by food. Good food is the basis to live well and prosper. This is why she has really focused on a great variety of publications, speeches, and media that communicate and analyze the effects of good, real food and nutrition in numerous aspects of our lives. She’s dedicated to highlight and assist health care innovation, along with the highest standards of care and service to all. She has been invited to deliver fresh insights and share her inspiring message in corporate and public events, health care organizations, associations, schools etc.

Speeches, Public Presentations


“Smart choices for tasty and highly nutritious breakfasts and snacks for your child’s heath and cognitive performance promotion” 26/11/2016 @ Loft nice n easy, Kifissia, Athens
In this talk, Christina Kostara shared insights into the role of paediatric nutrition, from entire diet to specific nutrients, in brain structure and function, cognition, and mental health. Nutrition science went had in hand with culinary skills. Together with the renowned chef Christos Athanasiadis shared practical lessons on how to make good breakfast and snacks, meaning tasty, highly nutritious that provide added health benefits to the child Talk presented at a food event as part of the public healthy nutrition seminars series organized by nice n easy organic bistro restaurants.
“Osteoporosis and nutrition” 12/11/2016 @ IASO, Maternity-Gynecology Clinic
Talk presented to the public at the “WOMEN-HEALTH-BEAUTY” Scientific Seminar organized by Athinaides Chapter D430 Daughters of Penelope
“The Festive Fast (SARAKOSTIANA)” by Marigoula Kokkinou and Georgia Kofinas (Porphyra Publications) book presentation event organized by the Committee «Οι φίλοι του Χιώτικου Χωριού» and E.V.A.T (Enosi Vrontadousion Attikis) 29/3/2017 @ Ε.V.Α.Τ, Athens Nea Smyrni
Christina educated the elderly audience on the importance of Mediterranean dietary pattern and good food for an active and healthy ageing and shared practical lessons on how to strengthen and promote their good mental health and healthy and “sharp” brain (cognitive health).
“Healthy Breakfast” corporate event 29/3/2016 @ Merck
Keynote speech to employees offering insights about the benefits of proper nutrition against colon cancer, as well as leading a healthy lifestyle, as part of Merck Greece’s “Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month campaign”
“Sarakostiana” (Lenten Cuisine): A tasty afternoon downtown” (Athens) corporate event 7/11/2015 @ The Museum of Greek Gastronomy, Psyrri, Athens
Christina shared insights about health benefits of the Mediterranean diet and helped the audience to unlock food ingredients and discover the health benefits of some of the recipes in the presentation event of the 27th edition of the book “Τhe Festive Fast: Mediterranean, Lenten, vegetarian cuisine” by Marigoula Kokkinou and Georgia Kofinas, Porphyra Publications
“Healthy Nutrition-Healthy Breakfast” 24/10/2104 @ 2nd Amaroussion General High-School, Amaroussio, Athens
Christina raised awareness and educated the students about healthy eating in this talk presented after invitation of School’s Teachers Association in an event held as part of World Obesity Day
“Nutrition and Athletic Performance” 25/2/2010 @ The Αmerican Community School (ACS)
Talk presented to the ACS’s students as part of the ACS Athens Annual Wellness Week 2010
“The Home of Healthy Nutrition (Greek: «Το σπίτι της Υγιεινής Διατροφής»)” event 23-25/3/2008 @ Convention Hall of the Syntagma Metro Station, Athens
Workshop for children together with Esther Sarphatie (presenter and T.V chef for National and Commercial Greek Television), action-oriented and educational focusing in helping children learn how to prepare a healthy and nutrition breakfast, designed as part of the Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity (Greece) Phase B “Life has Colour” (Greek: Η ζωή έχει χρώμα) campaign 2008. This special information and sensitization campaign was launched in the framework of children’s and adolescents’ information on health and prevention issues.
“Wellness in Action” Corporate event 04-05 and 09/2006 @ NESTLE Hellas, Athens
Key participator as a Nutritionist Consultant (talk presentations, consultations to employees) in the leading company’s Nestle’s Hellas wokplace wellness project (Wellness champion: Raymond Fischer).

Conference and Scientific Seminar appearances


“Nutrition and Breast Feeding” 3-7/12/2012, 25-29/11/2013, 1-5/12/2014, 30/9-4/12/2015) @ Breast Feeding Seminars addressed to Health Care Professionals under the auspices of the Ministry of Health and UNICEF organized by IASO’s Nursing Directorate, IASO Maternity-Gynecology Clinic, Athens, Greece
“Sports Supplements: Which? When? The Scientific Guidelines” 10/4/2013 @ Royal Olympic Hotel, Athens
Speech held for the official HEALTHYME DAYS educational Seminars for dietitians and pharmacists organized by ISOPLUS
“Enhancement of Mood and Sleep naturally” 9/11/2013 @ Royal Olympic Hotel, Athens
Speech held for the official HEALTHYME DAYS education Seminars for dietitians and pharmacists organized by ISOPLUS
“Antiaging and Nutrition” 11/2007 @ CIDESCO’s 30th Congress of Aesthetics and Health, Athens, Greece
“Osteoporosis prevention through nutrition and exercise” @ “OLYMPUS 2006” 5th International Aerobic & Fitness Congress, Athens, Greece
“Fortified Foods: The role in our diet” @ “2005 OLYMPUS” 3rd International Aerobic & Fitness Congress, Athens, Greece
“SIG Workshop Nutritional Support: Computer Assisted Individualization of Patient Nutritional Care” (jointly with Dr. Skouroliakou Maria and Vasilios Nomikos) @ ESPC 34th European Symposium on Clinical Pharmacy “Patient Profiling: Key to Successful Treatment”, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 26-29 October 2005
“SIG Workshop Nutritional Support: Dietary Supplements, drugs, herbs and memory” (jointly with Dr. Skouroliakou Maria and Tania Mitsinikos) @ 5th ESPC Spring Conference “Integrated Research, Education and Clinical Practice”, Stockholm, Sweden, May 2005
“The Role of Antioxidants in Nutrition” @ CIDESCO’s 24th Congress of Aesthetics and Health, Athens, Greece, May 2005
“Calcium supplements: Effectiveness, Safety, and Drug Interactions” 03/2005 @ Scientific Meeting for “Nutrition and Osteoporosis” organized by Panhellenic Association of Dieticians and Food Technologists (Dept. of Nutrition and Dietetics, Technological Educational Institute, T.E.I of Crete) in collaboration with Rheumatology Unit of “G. Gennimatas” General Hospital of Athens.
“Cholesterol” @ “Nutrition Advice from the Pharmacy” Seminar of PHARMA point 2004
(Organizer: Pharmaceutical Association of Thessalonica), Thessaloniki, Greece, October 2004
“Obesity: Nutrition Intervention and the Role of Exercise” @ 5th Panhellenic Pharmaceutical Student Federation Congress, University of Patra (Faculty of Pharmacy), Greece, May 2004
“The Consequences of Insufficient Iron and Calcium Intake for the Growth of Children and Adolescents and the Importance of Enriched and Fortified Foods” 03/2004 @ “Nutrition & Reinforced and Fortified Foods” Seminar held as part of the “FITNESS MEETING 2004” Panhellenic Professional Conference, Athens, Greece
“The Importance of Protein Supplements for Sports, Contemporary People, and the Elderly” 03/2002 and 3/2004 @ “Sport Supplements” 5th Seminar organized by the Attica Gym
Owners Association (SIGA), Athens Greece
“Facial Changes during weight loss in obesity: A pilot study” @ 3rd PanHellenic Conference of Obesity Surgery of the Greek Society for Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery (EXEP) in collaboration with 3rd Surgical Clinic, Aristoteles University of Thessaloniki, Α.H.E.P.A, April 2002