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Christina Kostara was born in Athens Greece and from a very young age she grew up being around food, literally. Her father owned a restaurant in Athens (Alexandra’s and Kifissias Avenue), a famous restaurant of the 1980’s that ran for 20 years, while her mother and grandmother involved her in cooking, teaching her culinary skills, but more importantly they taught her the value of good food- not just food! And it wasn’t only the family that inspired her back then. It was the whole concept of home cooking, as well as the smells, the tastes, the Mediterranean colors and much more. All this made her value the importance of seasonable food, pure good ingredients, nutritious food and meals, and real taste.

Basically, food, physical activity and health, is in Christina’s DNA and this doesn’t need much scientific analysis, since her young son’s shows the exact similar signs. He’s living proof of the saying “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”. Plus the symbolism of the apple is not random at all. As a parent, she loves teaching her son about food in every way, as she believes that a healthy attitude to food is more likely to develop in children when they’re young and impressionable.

Christina is a nutritionist-dietitian with an MSc (Μed Sci) in Human Nutrition, specializing in Clinical Nutrition from the University of Glasgow, consistently occupying place at the top of the world university rankings and with a long tradition of excellence in Nutrition. She’s been professionally active since 2000 and she provides extensive, in-depth knowledge and expertise in both her practices, clinical (inpatient and outpatient services) and private, setting the tone of nutritional care and services in health, disease and recovery. Christina has significant know-how of European food regulations, and vast experience in research, food and nutrition consultation services.

Since 2003, she’s the Chief Nutritionist-Dietitian at the Nutrition Support and Dietetics Department of IASO General, Maternity and Gynecology Clinic, and works with Dr Maria Skouroliakou, Scientific Advisor. Moreover, since 2014, she offers her dietary services at the Children & Adolescent Obesity Department of IASO Children’s Hospital, as well as being in charge of Food Control for the Meal Preparation of the hospital’s kitchen, in collaboration with Mr. Nikolaos Vamvakaris, Chief of Quality Control of IASO Group of Hospitals.

In the past, she has collaborated with the leading Breast Surgeon, Dr. Grigorios Xepapadakis and his team in the provision of personalized nutritional care in breast cancer women. Also, she was a member of the Scientific Board of Approvals Notifications (Food supplements and Foodstuffs for Particular Nutritional Uses division) of the Greek National Organization for Medicines (EOF), from 2011 until 2014.

Christina is a strong advocator of good food, mindful eating, sanity, the Ancient Greek saying “Metron Ariston” (“everything in moderation”), which is the core of the concept “healthy good quality diet”, and in exercise.

When she was younger, she used to be a track and field athlete, while nowadays she never misses a chance to exercise. She doesn’t believe in “diets” and “bad foods”, but in the connection between eating well, being physically active, and living at your highest level of health and performance in body and mind and the feeling of wellness. Food is your most valuable ally in health and well-being. It is the basic source of health and vitality since it provides us the nutrients our body needs, and good foods can provide us added health benefits such as a good body shape, gut health, protection, skin quality, healthy ageing, fertility, performance etc. The values of eating goes beyond being the source of nourishment for our body. Eating has the power to satisfy the harmony of the senses that foods promote, especially the taste sensation which offers pleasure and the feeling of fullness or the feeling of being charged with energy. Good health through foods and good taste can go hand in hand!

Christina’s important contribution to the science of Nutrition has reached many audiences, in many ways. She is an active, competent and responsive nutritionist-dietitian and a food and nutrition expert. She participates as Guest Speaker in conventions, and she really is distinct for a wide range of integrated and interlinked food, nutrition, dietetic, and consulting services in a broad spectrum of fields. She never stops investing in innovation and conducting systematic scientific research, discovering new tastes, foods, meals, dietary plans, which procure proven health benefits, far beyond the provision of nutrients.

It’s important to understand that good food is life and it can change YOU in ways that you couldn’t even imagine, as long as you work with somebody like Christina. Passion, hard work, creativity, innovation, customer focus, and social responsibility are her main values and visions of life, which will really benefit your way of life.

So, if you want a high quality personalized integrated nutrition care, advisory and support that will lead you to taste a more vibrant, full of energy life or if you are a company wanting high quality innovative nutrition advisory services and insights that reflect your business missions and needs, or you just want to book Christina for events or speeches, then you can meet Christina at her office.

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